MEETING CANCELED TONIGHT- THURSDAY FEB. 26,2015 The meeting for tonight is canceled due to of course bad weather!

I drove in this morning in my 4-runner with no problems, the I-40/I-75 interstate is clear, the main roads like Kingston Pike, Emory Rd also clear. However some side streets and mainly everyone's driveaway is covered up. The range of snow in this area varied, from a 3 inches in parts of Knoxville to what I hear is maybe 7-8 inches in Oak Ridge.

Our speaker tonight David Knapp only received a couple if inches on the Cumberland Plateau. We are already working on a reschedule date in March with David, and will keep everyone informed. On a side note when I send out these emails they go to roughly 300  current members with valid email addresses on file with TU National. We still have about

125 members with out of date or invalid email addresses, their physical mail address may be correct but not the email. If you know someone who may not be receiving the emails they are probably also not aware of the new website where current and updated infromation like this can be monitored as their schedule allows.

Here is web-link


Stay warm I will send out next meeting date and time in near future, thanks!

John Reinhardt