On behalf of the Great Smoky Mountain TU please continue to check our GSM TU Facebook and website often for changes and updates as we monitor the constantly changing Coronavirus outbreak.  We will make decisions on chapter meetings and events as the situation unfolds. Our first concern is and always will be the safety of our members and friends whether on land or on the water. In this electronic age of communications things like streaming online meetings and conference calls make staying in-touch just a few examples of options we can offer going forward in the short-term.


Please feel free to reach out to our GSM TU Facebook page or email me at link below to ask questions or offer ideas as we navigate this unique time in history. Staying aware of the outbreak is important but just as important are taking breaks from the news and still enjoying life. Take health precautions as directed and remember the sun has been coming up every morning for thousands of years and will tomorrow!


Great Smoky Mountain TU Facebook: http://m.facebook.com/GreatSmokyMountainTU/

John Reinhardt


Email: john711111@yahoo.com