Chapter Member Honored

Charlie Chmielewski Honored by Field and Stream Magazine DEC-JAN Issue


Charlie Chmiewlewski hoists a canoe as he and other volunteers clean their equipment after the 2014 Big Clinch River Cleanup. (FH Oates photo)


You will also see an article below about one of our own Charlie Chmielewski, he is a member of our chapter, on our board, our conservation officer,  and works with every chapter in this area. He may be the only person I know that goes to more TU meetings than me and I am proud to know him and call him a friend. He was honored in January's Field and Stream magazine for his conservation work, he has been a leader in the park with the water sampling project of our streams, for over 20 years! This is a level of dedication most of us can not even imagine much less duplicate, he also needs our help for this work in the park this year. Please see the article below on his volunteer work and the meeting he has scheduled on February 28th to organize this year's work schedule. If you have ever wanted to get involved with the Park staff and expand your knowledge of the park, this is your chance! Oh and a side perk, you may get to ride around in an offical park truck as you work in the 





""When the Park Service approached our chapter in1993, asking us to help moritor acidity of streams in the Great Smoky MountainsNational Park, the impactsofacid pollution onnative brook trout weren't proven," says Chmielewski, an avid flyfisherman who has helped organize the volunteer effort for thepast zr years. "Now, the data is pretty definitive,and because of our efforts, one operator of coal-fired power plants in the area has committed to discharging only one-tenth of the sulfur they once did." He also helps with a project to relocate brookies into the Lynn Camp Prong using electroshocking equipment and aerated tank back packs