2020….What a year! Let us all wave goodbye to what will go down as the strangest, and possibly most hated year ever. No matter what language you speak the feeling is the same…Adidos, Au revoir, or as the Danish say Zo Lang Sukkel, so long sucker!


Seriously I hope and pray everyone had a safe holiday and as we roll in to 2021 that you have continued good health for your family and friends. The good news of a vaccine that will possibly stem the flood of the virus is of course the best thing we have heard in months. 


As regards to the Great Smoky Mountain TU chapter we have continued our chapter meetings by utilizing Zoom as we did in October and November. We will use Zoom again on Thursday January 28th for another fly tying demo live from Smoky Mountain Angler, one of our longtime friends and sponsor of GSM TU. The November meeting was a great success and combined with Smoky Mountain Angler’s Instagram members we had over 600 people tune in with even a couple of overseas viewers. This meeting will feature “Spring Time Flies for the Smokies” as we enter the winter fly tying season. Yes, it’s January but now is the time to prepare for the coming of spring fishing which will be here before you know it. Stay tuned for Zoom link for members a few days in advance of event


We have also continued our GSM TU officer and board meetings via conference calls during this time period and have a few updates to share. After much discussion and consideration we have decided to reschedule the IRON MAN FLY CONTEST from January 21st to a later date in February or March.


Our sponsors have all been informed and of course completely understood. The IRON MAN FLY CONTEST is not only our main fundraiser to send a child to Trout Camp but a fun filled evening that depends on the crowd. We do not want to lose that element by going virtual or limiting the crowd or competitors.


The good news is that our prize list is secured and possibly the biggest ever with brand new TFO Legacy fly rods going to the first three winners. We will also sure everyone is aware of the new date but we want you to be the first to hear of the reschedule before we announce to the general public via social media or our website.


In addition on our December GSM TU officer and board conference call the nominations of officers were presented for the year 2021. The following in alphabetical order were nominated for board members Michael Bachman, Noel Hudson, Sue Stone, Robert Ogle, and Jonathan Reynolds also as Youth Education Coordinator. The officers nominated were John Reinhardt, President; Derrick Douthat, Vice President; Bruce McNiel, Treasurer; Lou Gauci, Secretary and Financial Reviewer. If any questions please reach out to the Great Smoky Mountain TU email gsmtutenn@gmail.com


Remember to follow us on the GSM TU Facebook page and the chapter website. The Great Smoky Mountain Facebook page is the most accurate and best way to stay up to date with the latest GSM TU chapter news & information. LINKhttp://m.facebook.com/GreatSmokyMountainTU/


In closing thank you for being a part of our chapter and we look forward to resuming in person activities as soon as safely possible.


John Reinhardt
Email: john711111@yahoo.com